ONIX Mosaico

Who we are


ONIX®, founded in 1999, is a world leading glass mosaic company. Within a few years, the company has had sales presence in more than 100 countries, developing a wide variety of projects around the world and participating in the main international exhibitions.

Our company, located in Onda (Spain), is the leading glass mosaic manufacturer in Europe. The continuous aesthetic search combined with a significant technological potential have positioned this prestigious Spanish company as the benchmark in the world of décor.

Our values


Some things only happen when creativity and technique meet.

We constantly try to develop manufacturing systems and technologies (digital printing, textures, metals, reliefs, gold…) to meet our aesthetic expectations. Technical expertise at the service of creativity. Two totally different disciplines working for the same challenge. This is how we see innovation. It is the only way we know to make mosaic.


In the factory we have two firm commitments: Quality and Environment.

ONIX® is the leading glass mosaic manufacturer in Europe, with a production capacity of 3.5 million m2 per year, always within high quality standards. Our product is composed of 98% recycled glass, which requires an amount of 32,000 tons per year of this raw material.


An essential decoration element for interior design and landscaping.

Since its foundation, ONIX® has had a keen interest in seeing beyond the product and to reinvent itself with every collection. This design philosophy has derived in the widest collection of the market, with more than 1000 references ranging from pools to decoration. Although it is not easy to produce this portfolio, it is the only way to make sure we have the perfect mosaic for every space.


The challenge of inspiring a designer to create a unique space.

Constantly challenging the imagination of the most demanding professionals and vice versa. New mixes, customized patterns, digital decorations, technical finishes… In recent years the company has developed customized mosaic for premium projects around the world. A teamwork to find the right solution for every space: commercial, residential, pool, indoor or outdoor...

Our presence around the world