Who we are

Opinion Ciatti, founded in 1950 in Florence, is specialised in the production of design furniture and accessories including bookcases, tables and chairs for the home, the workplace and common areas.

A wide range of reliable and identifiable items whose sheer presence can personalize a space, creating a unique atmosphere.

The aim is to create a catalogue of "spices and sauces” that add a unique flair to spaces just as the right mix of spices and sauces can flavour a dish and regale our senses.

Original Ptolomeo, the Compasso d'Oro bookcase and the company's best seller, is just one example: transforming a pile of books into a surprising and innovative design object.

A brand with a young and passionate spirit, but also strong thanks to a family tradition that boasts more than 70 years of experience in the field. An organization facing towards the needs and the evolutions of contemporary living that seeks to anticipate future demands with reliability, efficiency and ethics.

Our values


Translating ideas and visions into solutions for real needs.


Being true to ourselves and respecting our roots.


Standing out without showing off


Responding to specific needs with products that last.


Respecting others, the differences, and the planet we live in.

Our presence around the world