Who we are

The Company

In a little under ten years, the SFECCI family has become aware of how important it is to protect the natural resources of our planet and the need to act fast to irreversible damage.
We all have a role to play, bearing in mind that today’s “efforts” are tomorrow’s assets for future generations…

Messrs SFECCI, have used their professional experience in mechanical construction, their studies in electronics and electrical engineering to create ORSTEEL LIGHT, a company which manufactures and sells top of the range medium to high power lighting equipment using the latest electro-luminescent diode (LED) technologies.

Its mechanical and electronic design offices, together with a large production capacity, mean that they can efficiently meet demands of all kinds to find low energy consumption lighting solutions.

“The development of efficient lighting systems which are ecological,
less energy consuming and which integrate the environment perfectly.”

Our values

Design Office

Orsteel Light has a mechanical design office, associated with an electronic design office, so we can create our own products which you can find in our catalogue, and we can also respond to our customers’ specific requirements.
Each new design can become our client’s exclusive property (under certain conditions), or add to the range of products in our catalogue.
Our command of the different professions relating to the design and manufacture of lighting products: sheet metal, foundry, precision engineering, welding, mean we can confidently consider all types of projects.


Our expertise in processes and procedures of mechanical production over two generations mean that we have a solid grounding in mechanical construction and CNC machining.

We have two manufacturing workshops with a surface area of over 2000m², so we can develop and produce all types of lighting fixture, taking into account the many constraints linked to their ultimate use: heat dispersion, waterproofing and even adaptability.


Mainly geared towards our network of professional distributors, we like to build true partnerships with our customers.
The mutual confidence that we share with them means that we can work in close collaboration and assist them in complex projects, even guiding them towards new technical or design solutions to enable them to best satisfy their clientele.
We have a showroom within our assembly workshop where our clients can see and choose the products best suited to their needs.

Our presence around the world