Outdoor Kitchen Srl

Who we are

Outdoor Kitchen is born from the union of the experience of three different professionals coming from  different but complementary sectors: furniture industry,surface stone processing and design. A synergy created by the interaction among a solid and multi-year experience in machining of furniture, an indepth knowledge of composite materials for outdoor environments and a highly innovative design approach. From the meeting of these skills is born the idea of specializing in the design and industrial production of outdoor kitchens. Outdoor Kitchen proposes itself as a point of reference on the market regarding the design and production of highly customizable outdoor kitchen. Unique kitchens but based on common aesthetic and functional research as well as the application of the best available technology. Outdoor Kitchen brand guarantees the quality of a product entirely made in Italy which combines high quality materials, technical know-how, modern design and traditional craftsmanship. Attentive to the continuous evolution of the market, we offer timeless furnishing solution with attention to details assuring our clients an innovative but sober and balanced design.

Our values

Designed for people that love luxory of always having a structure that is not simply a kitchen but much more: an elements of functional that attracts and unites aesthetics and functionality.
Our latest model , QUID it's designed to withstand rain, ic, snow, salt and time, without suffering damage. A unique product, different fron any other outdoor kitchen. QUID combines, for the first time, the world of sintered ceramics and that of naval steel.