Who we are


Palazzetti, European and world leader in the domestic biomass heating sector established in 1954, is an Italian company with a strong international identity. Its products (pellet and wood burning stoves, fireplace, boilers, barbecues), capable of meeting any architectural and technical requirement, are innovative, developed in compliance with the highest technological standards and fully respecting the environment, tested and certified by the most prestigious European institutes as well as by consumer-protection and environmental associations.

Concerning environmental re-qualification, the company’s constant commitment to initiatives regarding forest conservation and replanting of trees is of particular interest: this is a clear indication of how Palazzetti focuses on environmental protection and on natural and renewable energy sources.

The company’s pride and joy are its technological research laboratories that now employ 23 people who are constantly in touch with similar international entities to study solutions that are ahead of time.

Since its origins the company’s mission has been to be as close as possible to the final user: to use energy and resources to manufacture products that can guarantee top performance, minimizing environmental impact as far as possible, and placing customers’ wellbeing and satisfaction as its top priority.

Following this philosophy, Palazzetti invents the simplicity of the future with its App launched in 2014. Its App is not only an application that allows to communicate and interact with the stove from a distance but offers an experience to the customer, similar to that experienced by household appliances: it can avoid technical problems, promote savings, protect the environment, anticipate customer needs, all in order to contribute the customer comfort.

Our values