Who we are

PIANCA Spa is an important and well-known Italian industrial reality in the field of house systems and accessories, it’s characterized by an elegant and pure taste, and it’s recognized for its capacity of synthesis, continuous innovation and coherence with its history and its identity.
Pianca was founded in 1954 in Gaiarine, Treviso. It now has 75,000 sq.m. of manufacturing facilities, 1,000 stores in Italy and 500 worldwide in more than 50 different countries. It has taken part in the Salone del Mobile since the very first edition and has always been a leader in its sector.

60 years of quality. Spreading the values of beauty, livability and utility: this is the idea that accompanies the entire Pianca’s history, a family of businessman since two generations, from 1946 to present.

Our values

MADE IN ITALY | THE FACT THAT WE ARE ITALIAN IS A UNIVERSALLY RECOGNISED GUARANTEE, and we see it as a hallmark to be safeguarded. Building on the vocation and competitiveness of our area, at Pianca we have contributed to the birth of Italy’s first industrial furniture district. All our furniture is produced in the area around our headquarters in Gaiarine, near Treviso, and conforms with EU production standards. From here we export the elegance and luxury of Italian-made products across the globe.

QUALITY | WE PASSIONATELY CULTIVATE EXCELLENCE IN OUR MATERIALS AND PROCESSES; this is the best possible way to guarantee customer loyalty. We use recycled wood panels, enhanced with oak and walnut veneer sourced from FSC-certified woodland. We choose new non-toxic waterbased lacquers and top-of-the-range soft closing shock absorbers.

DESIGN | WE BELIEVE IN THE ONE TRUE MISSION OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, the technical and aesthetic conception of products that can improve people’s lives. This is why we have chosen to reward the ideas of young talents, amongst whom tomorrow’s big names are to be found. Our design team combines creativity and advanced production technology to give modern, logical, elegant furniture systems that we succeed in presenting to the market at a very competitive price. This is the only way that the Pianca brand, known to our customers as unique, can remain constantly true to itself, the epitome of contemporary elegance.

INOVATION | BE NEW’ HAS ALWAYS BEEN OUR GOLDEN RULE, and we have never lacked the courage of our convictions. We were the first to believe in democratic design available to all. We were the first in our market segment to automate production. We were the first to reorganise work flow, introducing lean production and a just-in-time service that is to order, customisable and flexible, shifting from pieces of furniture to furniture systems. And once again, we were the first in Europe to use solvent-free water-based glossy lacquers, among the first to try using stone as a covering for furniture, the first to invent honeycomb protective packaging, offering greater resistance to knocks and blows, and one of the first to adopt a shock-absorber system on all our drawers.