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Who we are

PIKARO helps you to create awareness in your living spaces through these special products with its staff specialized in the production of patterned tiles and
hand made ceramic tiles. We set out with the goal of becoming a world renowned company with our new models that we add to our collection every day. Our aim is to have a share in the decoration of our living spaces with hand made ceramic and cement tiles that add color to history for centuries.

Making a handmade ceramic is a long process. All the production steps from clay kneading stage to the glazing stage are done manually. Althought this process is long and arduous, each ceramic obtained is a unique and separate work of art. The value that our handmade tiles add to your projects and living spaces is much higher than standard endustrial products.

Hand made cement tiles which has basically the same production technique for centuries, is obtained by pressing marble powder, natural stone granules and color pigments with high pressure. Pressed materials are left to dry naturally, they are never baked. Its production is completely hand made and nature
friendly. They are materials with long durability indoors and outdoors. We still come across tiles that have defied years in many restoration projects. Hand made cement tiles, which have become popular again today, continue to add value to many projects and our daily living spaces.

Our values

Our aim is to have a share in hand decoration patterned tiles and ceramics, which add color to the history for centuries, to decorate our living spaces today.