Who we are


Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate the Planium surfaces, FLOORS and COVERINGS.

Attention to the aesthetics of the finishes, to the quality and recyclability of the materials, to the functionality and the eco-sustainability of the installations are the care, that Planium devotes to its products.

The metal, designed to cover and embellish the rooms, is the primary and primary material of the projects realized and achievable. It is one of the oldest, natural, recyclable materials, but also contemporary for excellence, suitable for emphasizing the shapes of urban environments.

We choose the metal to create exclusive and emotional architectural spaces, floors and walls that are unique and personalized.

Alongside exclusive metal finishes, customized textures or surface laser processing can be created. Therefore various types of steel are available, smooth, embossed, oxidized, calamine, then copper, bronze, brass.

Among the most modern and performing systems, there are magnetic technical floors, with support, glue, one-click, mechanical, raised radiant, this is the current and varied proposal of our catalog.

But we do not stop at the flooring alone, we renew the walls with precision and style.

Planium, as part of TGroup, uses the support of Terenzi Srl, a leading company in the processing of metals and plastics and a competence center for the development of industrial products, to offer advice and expertise in case of custom projects that include some or all the following phases: co-design, engineering, industrialization, production and installation.

Our values

Our technical team dedicates to each customer the attention and specific expertise to identify the best technical solution, optimizing production and installation.

All production is monitored according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and all the suppliers involved in the work cycle are carefully selected and constantly checked.

Our presence around the world