Who we are

Plexwood produces a sustainable and strong engineered wood material for the interior, composed of veneers of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued crosswise. This gives the veneer its clear graphic structure. Through the use of end grain wood Plexwood is generally stronger than regularly cut wood of the same tree. This makes the product perfectly suitable for heavy traffic applications and projects that are subject to intensive use.

Located in The Netherlands, Plexwood was founded in 2000 and started with a small collection of solid floors. Soon enough, the demand for accompanying products grew, resulting in a versatile collection of wood products. Throughout the years Plexwood has acquired specialized knowledge and strives for continuous innovation thanks to the ever changing demand of their customers: architects, contractors and interior builders world-wide.

Production on demand

Plexwood products can be applied conceptually, the company’s versatile collection of products is made on demand and can be tailored to accommodate almost any design or technical requirement. Plexwood products can be used for walls, ceilings and flooring applications, as well as staircases, doors, and furniture pieces. The possibilities are truly limitless! Plexwood is used in both residential and commercial projects, offices and public environments, like restaurants, schools, hospitals, and airports.

Plexwood is available in 9 kinds of wood: Beech, Birch, Deal, Meranti, Oak, Ocoumé, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé, and Poplar. Flooring and panel products come in standard sizes, and are available with a variety of substrates, such as mdf, zero-added-formladehyde mdf, plywood, fire rated mdf, CARB II compliant panels, and coloured mdf, among many others. All products are produced in The Netherlands and are shipped world-wide.

Focus on sustainable design

Using real wood products in an interior adds warmth and familiarity to the space. Using natural materials creates a healthy and sustainable environment. Plexwood veneers are made from production-based wood harvested from forests with sustainable management qualifications. In our production we use no added formaldehyde or VOCs, creating a completely safe and eco-friendly product. Plexwood can improve your LEED or BREEAM scores.

Our values

Plexwood is located in the picturesque village of Everdingen, in a typically Dutch environment, one with cattle farms and fruit orchards. We are surrounded by water, the so-called “dijken” (dikes) that The Netherlands is so famous for, are literally in our back yard.

We value the architects and designers, contractors, builders, shop fitters, and furniture makers whom we work with from all over the world. Our commitment to creating a durable and multifunctional range of quality products and providing service and technical expertise has our clients coming back to us.

Plexwood is made of production-based wood that is harvested predominantly from forests certified for sustainable management. These forests are managed either by national regulations and legislation, or their sustainability is based on a quality seal (i.e. an organization regulates sustainable management practices).

Of all common building materials wood is the most energy-efficient, and more important, trees are a continuous production source and they do not release polluting residues into the environment.

Most of the woods that Plexwood uses are trees that are known to produce good (soft) wood within a relatively short period of time.

Provided it is treated properly, wood is a highly sustainable material with a long lifespan, and Plexwood in particular is excellently suited for reuse, and features exceptional insulating properties and, finally, can be recycled safely at the end of its life cycle into biomass.

No matter how big or small, simple or complex a project is, we enjoy working with every professional, as their success is also our success, how can we help you?

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