Polimer Tecnic

Who we are

Polimer Tecnic, manufacturer and supplier of plastic materials and composites developing tailor-made technical solutions and implementing projects. The origins of Polimer Tecnic take place more than 50 years ago, being the first company in Spain manufacturing methacrylate with entirely national owned technology. In the present day, our manufacturing plants are located in different countries and they are specialised in rigid plastic materials. In Polimer Tecnic we produce and distribute materials such as methacrylate, solid polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate, foamed PVC, solid PVC, PETG, solid surface, aluminium composite, polypropylene, polyethylene, ecologic polyethylene profiles, polystyrene, wood deck flooring and all kind of panels, profiles and special developments for multiple applications. Polimer Tecnic has created different divisions by areas of application that support the research and development of innovative applications with optimal materials and efficient assembly systems, providing excellent service and competitive prices in regard to project magnitude.

Our values


Years of experience and own production of different materials provides us with comprehensive knowledge which allows the development of a wide variety of technical solutions using most suitable materials and systems. In Polimer Tecnic we investigate new applications and assembly systems in order to execute and collaborate in innovative big projects involving new challenges.


One of the features of using plastic materials is its energetic low-cost production and its high recyclability. In Polimer Tecnic we have managed to completely eliminate the generation of waste by reprocessing all generated by-products. We are committed to sustainable development and environment protection.


All our materials are top quality, produced according to European and international ISO standards and manufactured with raw materials from highly reputed trademarks.


In Polimer Tecnic we work hard to offer not only best quality raw materials but also the best service and personalised attention. All projects are handled by our high qualified staff in order to offer you optimal technical assessment and to assist you in the development of your projects and needs.

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