Pratic F.lli Orioli Spa

Who we are

Pergolas and awnings with a superlative design that close the gap between outdoors and indoors, creating remarkable environments that can be enjoyed all year round. Pratic is an out-of-the-ordinary story of Italian excellence which bears the mark of the Orioli family; it has been revolutionising the concept of outdoors for over half a century now by delivering premium solutions in terms of design and stylishness. Founded in 1960 in North-Eastern Italy, Pratic ranks as one of the most important companies in the world in the sun-shading sector. Ever since its first patent for the iconic canopy awning, our company has continued to pursue excellence by leaving no detail to chance and by making thoroughness a guiding principle. This sense of meticulousness transpires from each product leaving our premises.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

Our design activities foster creativity and innovation and take place at Pratic Concept, a research-and-development area staffed by highly professional experts specialised in creating and developing new products. The production cycle is similarly organised directly on the premises of the company which relies on global partners to source the raw materials, fabrics and automation systems. Sector-specific studies allow the company to stay abreast of future outdoor trends, the design requirements of architects (our company's key interlocutors) and customers’ individual needs to customise products to the greatest possible extent. The demand for customisation is one that Pratic strives to meet by manufacturing bespoke items and offering a wide array of accessories, such as lighting, side screens, glass panels, decks and cutting-edge home-automation systems.

Company premises with an international reputation

The same rigorous standards applied by Pratic to its work projects also came into play for the design of its new headquarters opened in 2011 in Fagagna, a picturesque hilltop town in North-Eastern Italy, by Dino and Edi Orioli, the second generation of brothers currently at the company's helm. The company headquarters were designed by the architectural firm GeZa under the guidance of the ownership and technologically advanced structural and functional solutions were put in place. The project that ensued blends perfectly into the rolling landscape of the Friuli area, not only in aesthetic terms but also in terms of visual and environmental impact. A superlative example of industrial architecture, Pratic's premises have received international recognition and have been honoured with prestigious design awards. In May 2018, the surface area was doubled, reaching almost 21 thousand square metres. The structure, housing 240 company employees, is made up of administrative, design and operational offices, the manufacturing premises, a spacious showroom and the new cutting-edge coating plant built in compliance with environmental sustainability and energy self-sufficiency principles.

Making its presence felt internationally on business and residential premises

As a result of its design and manufacturing expertise, Pratic has elevated the exteriors of both private dwellings and international public premises, drawing on outstanding Italian design and the uncompromising quality of its pergolas and awnings. Pratic has over 850 sales outlets in Italy and a well-established network of dealers and agents throughout Europe; the exponential growth experienced over the past years allowed it to broaden its target market, branching out to North Africa, the Arab Emirates and Australia. Regardless of the distance, though, it always offers a support service, from installation advice to after-sales service.

Our values

From the design to the finished product, Pratic is committed to achieving excellence on a daily basis.
This is why the company is equipped with state-of-theart systems which guarantee maximum efficiency: modern stores, advanced management software, punctual production and logistics departments with a company fleet that is always ready to serve its customers.