Who we are

Founded in 1983, PROCITY® now employs 150 people across its 4 production sites to design and manufacture high quality products which are supplied across Europe and further afield.

With coverage and the expertise of its network of distributors, PROCITY® offers you the guarantee of local partners who understand your needs and can respond with the greatest efficiency.

PROCITY®’s goal is to satisfy the greater majority with an elegant offer, perfectly suited to most urban and rural environments.

PROCITY® street furniture designs must not look out of place over time and are purposely detached from trends & fashions.

PROCITY® offers a very wide selection of finishes & colours, with the ability to meet your expectations all in a fully controlled budgetary framework.

Our values

The ongoing search for quality

PROCITY® products require a high level of quality, with their multiple uses and your legitimate demands for sustainability. Cutting, bending, notching, welding, grinding, sanding, anti-corrosion treatment, paint finishing, and packaging: the utmost professionalism is implemented throughout the manufacturing process.

Durability in design

One of the best ways to act responsibly on the environment is to design sustainable products, whose design will limit the frequency of their renewal.

A sustainable approach

From their design development, PROCITY® products are optimised that at equal usage value, they contain an optimal quantity of raw material and allow for maximum recovery of their components for recycling.

Wherever possible, the choice of materials for packaging favoured by PROCITY® - using only wood and recycled paper products - minimises the consumption of natural resources.