Punto Curvatura

Who we are

Punto Curvatura has been for years the benchmark for bending aluminum, iron, brass and stainless steel profiles. Extended on an area of 15000sqm and equipped with the most advanced technological systems, - such as the profile bending machines with numerical control and laser measuring devices – Punto Curvatura, together with our high-skilled technical staff can offer the best solution to any problem in the fulfillment of a project. We can support our customer in each phase, from the realization of profile dies, up to the phases of mechanical works, heat and surface treatments. Punto Curvatura is the first Italian player and among the first 5 in Europe in aluminium curving and deformation. Our Mission is the accomplishment of ideas and projects through the application of new technologies and skills in aluminium deformation. The key of our success is to match our passion and our constant research with a flexible structure using patented systems, together with a customized and updated equipment. We share and accept any challenge from our customers, as we know we can help them to win.

Our values

Our working approach is based on 4 essential values for us, such as:

Uniqueness. Thanks to the continuous evolution, the capacity and the uniqueness of the process, Punto Curvatura is able to manage any commission.

Flexibility. Flexibility means to listen to the need of our customers and consequently customisation of the product. We are able to comply with the dynamism of the market. 

Quality. A high level of skills and reliability allow us to obtain an extremely high quality and high precision product with the respect of deadline. 

Partnership. The understanding of every product and type of application thanks to the listening to our customers, make us the perfect partners to accomplish every kind of work.