Rafa Kids

Who we are

RaFa-kids originated from the shared dream of two architects. People, who in whatever they do, put all their soul and energy into it. Agata takes care of the esthetic side of the designs. Arek is the technical brain of the duo. Because of our different interests and skills, our designs are wildly discussed and analyzed in a long working process.  We like it a lot!  The world of designing for children opened up to us after the arrival of our two sons, Frank and Robert. We wanted to design high quality and good looking products for them. That is how the first bed for our older son was born. After making it we received so many nice reactions and requests that we decided to realize our dream of starting a small company. 

We called it RaFa after first letters of our family members. Our mission is simply to make good and affordable quality design objects for children.

Our values

Play. Grow. Create. Children learn and develop by playing. Rafa-kids create products to encourage creativity and growth. We see a child’s bed not only as a place to sleep but also as an integrated and playful element of each room. It can be a new creative territory which looks good and is flexible and adaptable for many children’s needs. Our design is functional and playful. We strive to create quality design and to keep it affordable. Our aim is also to create furniture which can appeal to both children and adults – a good design which will last for many years. Each piece of RaFa-kids design is born from a long  process of studying and discussion. We make many sketch models and collaborate with other design professionals for comments to perfect the design intent.

Production . Our furniture are designed according to the EU safety standards. We care deeply for the health and safety of our children and we choose materials suitable for them. Plywood is a really friendly, flexible material with high strength. Quality, sustainably sourced European Birch plywood was for us definitely a natural choice. Part of the charm of working with natural plywood us the variation in tone and saturation. Using the latest C.N.C. (Computer Numerically Controlled) technology we produce with great material efficiency trying to reduce waste to virtual zero. The furniture are finished in natural birch color with two layers of best class water-based Scandinavian lacquers. They are non-toxic, low VOC and 100% HAPs free (Hazardous Air Pollutants). White wash and dark chocolate are coloured with one layer of water-based stain and finished with additional two layers of transparent lacquer.

The designs are manufactured by a Polish company that produces furniture for 30 years and is experienced with the highest quality products like Vitra furniture. We control the production and pay careful attention to every detail.

We always try to design a great looking object. But behind the appearances there is a great amount of engineering and thought going into every detail, accessories, even packaging. Our products are neatly packaged in compact boxes. They are easy to transport and straightforward to assembly.

We keep control of the design, production and eventually also the distribution. We took the challenge to sell the products ourselves. This way our designs can reach our clients directly. We hope this way to meet more parents like us: looking for great, affordable design for their kids.