RDT Elevazione

Who we are

RDT is a young company, founded in 2007 by the experience of forty years long by Atmec (incorporated in 2018) and now in its second generation of entrepreneurs; leader in the design, construction and installation of lifting systems of all kinds, RDT is an opportunity to give concreteness and solution to problems of horizontal and vertical movement of goods and people using innovative computer tools and advanced technologies.

We find solutions to the problems of vertical and horizontal mobility in commercial structures and industries but also in public buildings, single-family houses, communities and hospitals studying specific solutions for each use and needs in line with the needs of the client. RDT focuses on the flexibility through which it is able to face and solve all the possible problems of vertical lifting, adapting its product to the specific needs of the customer; it is from this awareness that the design and virtual creation of a series of oleo-dynamic platforms and lifting systems of dimensions, capacities and variable technical characteristics began.

RDT offers a wide range of products on the market: car lifts and lifts, hoists, pantograph platforms, wheelchair platforms, loading platforms and handling equipment, as well as solutions aimed at meeting the needs of customers for special applications. Each project is born and realized in the Bari plant, where real experts work, able to create products built according to the highest quality standards and in compliance with current regulations. Specialization, design and creative ability, flexibility and custom made are just some of the ingredients that characterize the GDR.

The quality and reliability of RDT products are already appreciated abroad, as testified by the various systems installed in Europe and the Middle East.

Our values

To always offer the best solutions RDT constantly invests in research and development both to improve and simplify production processes and implementing the use of innovative materials such as composites and high-strength steels.