Rexa Design

Who we are


The concept behind Rexa Design’s products is to create bathrooms that are more like living areas, privileged places where quality meets sophisticated materials and solutions offering maximum comfort and beauty, where the pleasure of rediscovering time brings a new dimension to everyday life and the contemporary sense of luxury. Products that are iconic, minimalist or characterized by organic shapes, fully equipped and multifunctional, designed to furnish the center of the room or to maximize the space available in the bathroom, a room in which we relax, experience moments of gratification and wellbeing, areas created for the pleasures of life. Rexa, which is based in the Friuli region, considers its design journey to be moving towards the excellence and perfection of an ambient dedicated to personal care.

Completely Made in Italy, Rexa’s products are realized using manual expertise combined with high technology numerically controlled machinery to create an end product of utmost quality. Combining new materials with rigorous, sartorial designs and excellent production processes that make it possible to personalize most of the products in the catalogue, the company has evolved to enable the production process to be almost entirely carried out inside the plant located in San Quirino (PN), a new site and production plant in (Pordenone) inaugurated in August 2012 that occupies a covered area of around 9,000 sq. meters: a green area surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Friuli mountains. A beautiful, well-designed ambient for creating positive sensations on all operational levels.

Our values

Nous avons choisi de travailler
entourés par la nature, dans
des lieux de travail sereins
et agréables. Rexa est l’endroit
idéal pour partager des idées
et collaborer ensemble pour
la réalisation de nouveaux projets,
dans lequel chacun, en fonction
de leurs goûts et compétences,
peut contribuer à la diffusion
et appliquer la culture de l’action
qui est la base de la méthode
de travail de l’entreprise.
Conception et création de mobilier
design de salle de bains, en
utilisant des matériaux techniques
avec une approche responsable
et respectueux de l’environnement.
La centrale photovoltaïque
de 1.300 m2 produit annuellement
206.000 kWh couvrant tous
les besoins: de la production
à l’éclairage et de la climatisation.
Environ 9.000 m2 où les bureaux,
l’entrepôt, la zone de prototype,
la zone de production, d’exposition
et la zone d’expédition ont placé.