Rieder Sales GmbH

Who we are

The Rieder Group specialises in the production of solution-oriented, environmentally friendly, and economical concrete products. Inspired by the needs of the customers, Rieder extends the limits of the concrete material beyond its protective function. Economy, intelligence, aesthetics and emotion are the ingredients which give concrete by Rieder new significance.

Glassfibre reinforced concrete

The development of glassfibre reinforced concrete was inspired by Rieder’s vision of a concrete cladding panel that is both stable and lightweight. The aesthetic panels with only 13 mm thickness in various colours, surfaces and shapes give architects plenty of scope in the design of individual facades. Glassfibre reinforced concrete is non-combustible and made of mineral-based raw materials, giving the panels their unique characteristics. The combination of sustainable products provides an economical solution for the entire building envelope. Besides the large-format panels „concrete skin“ Rieder also distributes „öko skin“ slats and formed concrete elements with integrated fastening called „formparts“.

Together for better architecture

Part of the cultural mission of Rieder is to support designers, artists and architects in their creative work. Beautiful, discursive things stand for depth, identity, and meaning. The continuous further development of glassfibre reinforced concrete as well as the expertise transfer between designers and the company helps Rieder to position glassfibre reinforced concrete not only as a classic facade, but above all to highlight the design character of the material. This commitment reflects the relationship that Rieder, as an international business, is building with all cultural and design projects: Artists contribute their creativity, flexibility, and their at times abstract, analytical thinking to the development department of the company. In return, Rieder allows the artists to let their imagination run free. Numerous cultural projects, pavilions, expositions, etc. have always been part of the history of Rieder.

Our values

A success story with challenging targets and focused strategies for a sustainable growth. We follow a selective growth strategy considering the our guidelines of revenue optimisation and financial idependence.

A family-owned company which shapes the continuous change of the environment with innovative products and services in terms of infrastructure, ecology and concrete architecture.

Our success is based on qulification, motivation and responsibility of every single employee within the professional framework in our company.

The economical use of natural resources, environment friendly production procceses and a sustainable business development are the basic principles for our long term success.