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Who we are

Good architecture requires that you consider, and are open to, new ideas, trends, innovations and design concepts. Ultimately this leads to the achievement of the design vision for your building. Architects should also not lose sight of the cost implications and installation times for their project. This calls for a flexible and robust board material which can be applied easily in any shape or form.

Rockpanel is part of ROCKWOOL B.V.. The company manufactures board material for exterior cladding from the sustainable resource, basalt rock. Rockpanel products combine all the benefits of stone and wood.

For many years, Rockpanel board material has been used in countries across Europe for finishing facades, and for details and features around the roof. More often, Rockpanel products are applied in ventilated constructions, where they contribute to a healthy internal climate for the building, whether that is for a housing development, manufacturing facility, or a public or commercial building. Because of the unique characteristics of the material, most Rockpanel products are vapour-open, which means they can also be applied without ventilation in specific building situations. Rockpanel is also ideal for detailing around the roof of any building. Because Rockpanel board material can also be manufactured vapour-closed, they are also ideal within sustainable developments, such as Passive Housing, where zero carbon emissions are paramount.

Rockpanel boards offer limitless design possibilities, they are produced from a sustainable natural resource, and their unique properties mean they are durable, workable and very low maintenance.

Our values

Rockpanel ...

... Contemporary design

Thanks to its unique properties, Rockpanel is at the cutting edge of design themes which currently determine the architectural landscape. Rockpanel offers a rich design and colour range making the design possibilities endless. You can play with over 100 colours in the Rockpanel Colours palette, or discover the modern industrial style of Rockpanel Metallics, and for a real ‘wow factor’ why not consider Rockpanel Chameleon. The Rockpanel Woods range gives you an authentic wood look without the disadvantages of real wood, and for a naturally aged and weathered design style, why not opt for Rockpanel in its simplest form: Natural.

... Cost efficient

Basalt is the foundation of the quality of Rockpanel. This sustainable volcanic rock is converted through a unique, innovative production process, into a robust and flexible product offering a unique range of benefits. Rockpanel can be processed as easily as wood, thus keeping your construction and installation costs down. And it’s as durable as stone, 100% weather, temperature and UV proof, and low maintenance. The colours remain stable and the material does not delaminate or rot. So your building keeps its original freshness and good looks for a long time to come. In summary Rockpanel is the most cost efficient option for your design.

... Sustainable

As a company in the ROCKWOOL Group, Rockpanel is concerned about environmental issues. Basalt is a natural material which is readily available and sustainable. Through a highly efficient manufacturing process we are able to produce more than 400 m² of Rockpanel boards from 1 m³ of basalt. And we continue to strive for even more efficient production techniques so that we can use our resources more efficiently.

Numerous Passive House and sustainability projects throughout Europe have proven that sustainability and modern architecture can go hand in hand. Rockpanel board materials are an effective cladding material used in these types of development.