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Roig - art & design -

Who we are

Roig is a family business with a history of four generations dedicated to the art of working with stone.

Our exceptional marble creations are intended to adapt to different lifestyles where design and elegance are considered essential. The traditional art of our craft, inherited from our parents and grandparents, as well as the evolution of new technologies and constant creativity, merge to create unique pieces with their own character and personality. Creations of functional art and timeless design that adapt naturally to the space available, transforming it and bestowing it with art, style and elegance.

Welcome to Roig, exclusive designs for unique environments.

Our values

Roig understands working with stone is one of the oldest and most artistic trades, but now develops it further with a new concept in high-class decoration.


Roig designs always start from a common point: practical art. Each piece is designed initially as an art form and is subsequently transformed into a functional element.


The development of the design and elaboration of each project is carried out individually entirely in our own workshop, thus guaranteeing the creation of an exclusive piece for each client, which gives it a unique value.


One of the most distinctive features of Roig is the manufacturing process. Each model is assembled and finished by hand, thus ensuring an unrepeatable and high quality piece where every detail, however small, has been meticulously cared for.


65 million years to reach our hands, a few weeks to transform it into a piece of eternal art.

​Marble is present in nature as an age-old, unique and exclusive unworked canvas. Therefore, we take pride in personally selecting the best materials from each quarry in order to carry out our work.


We love our craft and guarantee the artistic value of each piece. A photo album detailing the conception process from the initial sketch to the final product, as it passes always through the artisan’s hands, accompanies each project.