Rüegg Cheminée Schweiz AG

Who we are


The name Rüegg stands for innovative, shapely chimneys/fire places with the most modern timeless designs all over Europe. In addition to offering the comfort, ambience and fascination of a conventional fire place, Rüegg fireplaces are equally efficient heat sources with a high level of efficiency. Harmoniously matched to todays living and furnishing trends Rüegg offers the perfect design. In addition to crude steel, stainless steel, artistically designed glass and sand stone in exciting compositions are also used. Large sheets of glass open up the view to a breath taking world of flame, which gives rise to fiery fantasies.

Our values

«Fire: a part of the family.»

Creativity, Esteem, Passion

People often ask me what makes Rüegg so successful as a company. It‘s a good question, and one that I am happy to answer time and time again. Our success hinges on three things:

First, creativity. The desire to constantly look at things in a different light and to explore the new, the unknown and the unique. For example, Rüegg invented a glass-enclosed combustion chamber, laying the foundations for efficient and low-emission fire-based heating of living spaces. It is from thousands of smaller and bigger flashes of genius that a living space heating concept with Rüegg‘s unique characteristics has grown.

A second common thread running through all of our activities is esteem. First and foremost, high esteem for our customers, employees and business partners, without whom we simply could not exist. But also respect for our natural resources and careful management of the tools for life provided to us by earth. Sometimes it‘s not just the big things but also the really little things that shape our progress and allow us to promote our products with complete confidence.

The third and equally important key word is passion. The motivation to create products that our customers will be delighted with year in year out, thanks to their quality, durability, user friendliness and reliability. Passion is also the desire to always have your finger on the pulse. We love being able to surprise the market with new ideas and clever inventions time and time again.

Creativity, esteem and passion. Those are the foundations of our success, and something that all of my employees and myself are equally committed to.

Matthias Rüegg, CEO of the Rüegg Group