Saint Clair Textiles

Who we are


Saint Clair Textiles is a French company, established in 1918, specializing in the manufacture of coated fabrics. Its expertise in beaming, weaving and coating allows it to offer fabrics designed for transport, structures, outdoor and printing.


Established in over 60 countries, our commercial network exists to help our customers develop their businesses.

The factory in 1958


1836 • Dickson textile mill opens in Dunkirk, the oldest textile company in France.
1945 • Trailblazing, Dickson introduces textiles made with synthetic fibres for optimized durability.
1969 •Dickson and Constant weaving mills merge.
1998 •Dickson joins the US group Glen Raven, the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor technical textiles.

2019 •Dickson coatings joins the group Sioen, and change its name to Saint Clair Textiles



Our Environmental Management System is certified ISO 9001 = ISO 14001
We are a partner of VinylPlus, the European PVC industry’s Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development.
Atmospheric waste produced by our PVC coated line is treated by an oxydiser.
Our Evergreen range is manufactured with no solvent emissions and no industrial water waste.

Our strict waste management ensures a reduction in the volume of waste produced and an increase in the volumes recycled each year.

Industrial safety underpins our installations to ensure our site has a long term focus and to protect the environment.


Our products conform to the European Regulation on Chemical Products.REACH compliance has been validated by independent laboratory for the main products of our range.

Obtaining the Oeko-Tex and Greenguard label is symbolic of our wish to only manufacture products whose non-toxicity is real and demonstrable.
The ecological interest of our Evergreen range has been validated by a study carried out by Life Cycle Assessment in terms of ISO 14 040-14 044.

Our Evergreen range goes hand in hand with an Eco-design approach and all our packaging is made from recyclable materials.


We encourage the stable, long term employment of our employees, as well as their skills development through:
– Minimum use of short term contracts.
– Development of our employees’ autonomy through technical and personal training programmes.
– Continual research into an improvement of their safety.

Our values


Experience has shown that fabrics coated by classic methods are vulnerable to micro-organism and mildew ingress when exposed to moisture. The micro-organisms penetrate into the base cloth and spread themselves by capillarity. When exposed to rain, ultra-violet, pollution etc… most coated fabrics let you down aethetically with signs of premature ageing.

SYSTEM LOWICK is both a treatment and a process considerably reducing micro-organism penetration into the heart of coated fabrics.

SYSTEM LOWICK creates on a microscopic scale capillarity blockades throughout the coated fabric, halting migration.

Les tissus fabriqués par des procédés classiques d’enduction subissent assez rapidement une dégradation due à la présence de micro-organismes et de moisissures véhiculés par l’humidité qui pénètre dans le tissu et se propage le long des fils par effet mèche. Ce qui provoque une présentation inesthétique et un vieillissement prématuré.

Le SYSTEM LOWICK est à la fois un traitement et un procédé qui permettent de réduire considérablement la pénétration des micro-organismes à l’intérieur des tissus enduits.

Le SYSTEM LOWICK crée, dans le tissu enduit, des ruptures de capillarité pour bloquer la migration. Le tissu dure plus longtemps et garde son aspect d’origine.