Santo Passaia Furniture

Who we are

SANTO PASSAIA FURNITURE is a millwork and furniture manufacturer that specializes in bespoke furnishings, high-end wall paneling and complete interior decorations. The company headquarters, with in-house technical office and production department, are located in Villafontana-Verona.

We offer a 360° service, from consultancy during the design process – carried out by our internal technical department - to the manufacturing in our own production department, to the final installation.

Our more than 65-years-long activity allowed us to gain experience in several and various projects, most of them in the Residential Contract field where we can express ourselves at our utmost, ensuring a rigorous attention to details. We have forged relationships with the most respected architects and designers throughout the world, building our reputation thanks to high levels of professionalism, timeliness and excellent execution of the assigned job, transparency and simplicity of procedures and guarantee of on-site assistance. Our attention to detail strives to exceed architects’ and final customers’ expectations.

Our values


A company is made up of history, experiences, people. What guides people, their choices and makes a company great are the values ​​on which it is founded. Ours are High Craftsmanship, Innovation and Raw Material.
Craftsmanship is a feature that has always distinguished us and that we jealously guard; the great challenge is to combine craftsmanship with the most up-to-date technologies and the most sophisticated machinery. All with a fundamental ingredient, without which we would not exist and for which we have a deep respect: wood.

The raw material: premium quality

Our long experience has allowed us, over time, to identify the best suppliers for the procurement of raw materials used in the production process. Only the use of excellent materials allows, in fact, to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Seasoning: the luxury of time

Expert hands know wood, shape it, transform it; the preceding steps are those that will guarantee its duration and stability over time. Haste does not belong to wood, it does not belong to us. The curing processes require the right rhythms and the right conditions to let time take its course, where the wood of precious woods will reach the right condition to be worked


The use of cutting-edge machinery allows us to apply CAD / CAM technology to our production process: technological progress supports and integrates craftsmanship and manual know-how.