Who we are

Sartori Ambiente was established in 1996, in principle focusing on supplying compost bins and becoming so far one of the market leaders for this type of container.
In 2000, after consolidating its market share for compost bins, Sartori Ambiente entered the wheeled bins market. During the same year, it has been appointed as exclusive Italian distributor for WEBER wheeled bins.
Since 2002 Sartori Ambiente began to project and manufacture different containers for door-to-door collection system, innovating and expanding its range year by year with the aim to supply containers that meet specific needs for many different situations.
Therefore, our company is able to offer different solutions, through introducing and devising containers suitable for the achieving specific goals.
We have experience from many national and international contracts, offering solutions which are effective and efficient, that have adopted and accepted by many satisfied customers.

Our values

Sartori Ambiente’s experience in the waste and environment sector dates back to 1996. The headquarter is located in Arco, in the beautiful Garda Trentino region near the lakes in Northern Italy.

Sartori Ambiente is focused on supplying systems and containers for waste segregation and waste management.

Domestic waste segregation, in order to be effective and efficient, has to be “EASY” so that benefits overcome any thoughts concerning “indifference” and “effort” in order to become a normal and routine daily task.

So we are not just thinking about the way the waste is collected, but also focusing on the type of containers to give to households, in order to ensure participation in the source segregation of all fractions of waste inside the home.

Sartori Ambiente strives to “get household wastes sorted in an easy and practical way” through devising and manufacturing containers that are approaching these tasks differently.

Sartori Ambiente is constantly committed to research and developing new systems and containers for waste management. We are a competent company, able to take up ambitious projects and make them come true.