Who we are

The Satinal Group offers a wide range of products and services intended for professionals of the glass industry worldwide.

The manufacturing plant in Erba, Italy, gathers together the two companies TK s.r.l and Satinal s.p.a.

TK s.r.l. is specialized in the design and construction of ovens for the lamination, tempering, chemical tempering and heat soaking of glass, thus products
allowing Satinal to make in-house tests of the STRATO® product range.

On the other hand Satinal s.p.a. is dedicated to the production of chemical products for the glass frosting industry and even offers a frosting service for
companies involved in the cosmetic, lighting, beverage and interior design business.
In the same plant Satinal s.p.a. produces STRATO® : the main solution for the glass lamination.

The competence and deep knowledge of the industry brought the Satinal Group to expand its activities both in North America (Satinal USA Inc.) and in
South America (Satinal do Brasil Ltda.), confirming its presence with two local subsidiaries in US (Miami, Florida) and in Brazil (Sao Paulo).

Our values

We are glad to offer our experience and competence to transform into solutions every project.

We strongly believe in Innovation and Research: in our internal laboratory, S-LAB, Engineers and technicians daily carry out different tests in order to manufacture a product which can be assembled with other inserts and materials and which can guarantee to architects and glass processors excellent results with their projects and installations.

The Made in Italy is all this: attention to detail, quality of the raw material and construction, durability, design. It is a value that gives excellence to a good over time.