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Scrigno's story started out in 1989, when Rimini businessman Giuseppe Berardi came up with the brilliant idea of transforming conventional sliding doors into a product that was quite original and different, unlike anything the market of the time was able to offer, adding a vital element to create an innovative sliding door that disappeared into the wall.

Thanks to the absolute quality of its products and services, over the last 25 years Scrigno has managed to conquer a primary position in the production and marketing of frames for sliding disappearing doors and windows, and it has now become a firmly established group that is a point of reference in its sector at a worldwide level.

Scrigno is based at Sant’Ermete in Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), occupying a site of 51,000 sq. metres, of which 12,000 are used for production and 1200 for offices. A second factory was opened in 2010 at Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), with a surface area of 18,000 sq. metres.

Scrigno France started operations in January 2013, centrally located at Montceau-les-Mines, followed in 2009 by Scrigno España, based in Barcelona, and in January 2014 by Scrigno SRO in Prague.

The current sole director of the Scrigno Group is Mariacristina Berardi.


“Creating new spaces to offer new freedom”

Scrigno aims to produce products and systems that make people's lives and living spaces more practical and comfortable, creating new value and mutual satisfaction. This is why the company has decided to accept no compromises and to reject the concepts of easy profits, unfair competition and shortcuts.


The Scrigno Group, 100% owned by the Berardi family, consists in four companies controlled by the parent company Scrigno Holding: Scrigno SpA Unipersonale in Sant’Ermete, which makes and markets systems and frames for sliding and disappearing doors; Scrigno France, based at Montceau-les-Mines in Burgundy, which manages sales on the French market; Scrigno España, based in Barcelona, which manages sales on the Spanish market; Scrigno SRO, based in Prague, founded to create a sales structure and network for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The experience developed over the years and a particularly successful presence on the world market have made Scrigno an undisputed leader in the production and marketing of sliding disappearing doors and windows.

Scrigno's flexibility in the fields of both production and sales is one of its strongest business advantages. The company constantly pursues excellence and high quality to fully cater for final customers, dealers and designers, for which it guarantees a service at the highest level available on the market and continuous assistance with information updates.

Scrigno currently exports its products to 16 countries. The domestic Italian market represents 50% of the group's turnover, with the foreign market accounting for the other 50%. France is the most important foreign market.

Scrigno products are distributed in Italy by a comprehensive network of sales points, backed by 23 dealerships operating throughout the country.


Scrigno dedicates particular attention to the enhancement of the organization, skills and professional motivation of its workforce.

At present the company has 140 employees, with a strong presence of highly specialized and qualified personnel.


Scrigno's production output includes frames for doors and windows, sliding and swing doors and a variety of accessories offering innovative solutions to save space in homes and other buildings.

The product ranges consists in three lines: Scrigno Gold, the top of the range; Essential by Scrigno, characterized by its minimalist design; and Doortech, the no-brand line of sliding door frames for interior use developed specifically for large-scale construction projects and professional applications in general.

Each of these three lines is able to satisfy the specific needs of the market, both for product types and price.

Scrigno produces about 300,000 frames a year.


Scrigno's guiding principle is extremely high product quality, and over the years this has been constantly improved to allow increasingly higher standards of absolute excellence to be achieved.

Innovation is therefore a vital factor for the company, emerging in constant improvements in the choice of materials and assembly processes, aiming to explore new manufacturing horizons that are always new and different.

Scrigno is committed to a continuous and attentive dialogue with designers and architects, to ensure that the continuously evolving needs of the market are satisfied with the best and widest variety of products.


To further enhance the management of its corporate processes and to guarantee production efficiency and customer satisfaction, the Scrigno Quality Management System is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The development of innovative products has allowed the company to register several technological patents, and its products have been tested by the Istituto Giordano in a series of trials to certify their characteristics and performance.

The tests carried out by the Istituto Giordano all gave positive results, demonstrating a sound reduction index of 44 dB for Scrigno exterior frames embedded in masonry.

The Scrigno Gold sliding system has also been subjected to mechanical tests for sliding door accessories in accordance with the UNI EN 1527: 2000 standard, giving positive results.


Scrigno relies on the services of an external consultancy agency specializing in corporate communication to provide prompt information on its activities in the Italian business press.

The company also runs advertising campaigns in the specialist press and trade journals, and organizes events intended mainly for designers and architects.

The Scrigno website is constantly updated, and also includes a blog section.

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