Who we are

You can always recognise furniture from SOFTLINE by the innovative design, the exquisite materials and the high quality craftmanship. It’s furniture that is deeply rooted in the design tradition of the brand, dating back to 1979, but still speaking the language of the future. The eight new designs that we are launching this year are no exception. Each one of them is inspired by the global design trends, interpreted and created in collaboration between SOFTLINE and leading international designers.

At SOFTLINE we work to create unique furniture to match the time we are living in. Design furniture that adds a little extra to a home or a public space by being equally functional, aesthetic, elegant and surprising.

We hope that you will be inspired by the latest new and innovative design furniture in new and eco-friendly fabrics, materials and compelling colours – created to enrich your day.

Our values

By using innovative constructions, new and eco-friendly materials and cooperating closely with internationally acclaimed designers, SOFTLINE creates a feeling of optimal value and quality and becomes the first choice when decorating homes and public spaces with functional designer furniture.