Solero Parasols

Who we are

The name of our website doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Our core business is the development, delivery and installation of an extensive range of parasols. Solero represents the delivery of parasols in both the medium and high-end segment of the market. Our product range consists of a large number of parasols, making sure both consumers as the professional usage by the hospitality industry can benefit from our services.

Quality is the first Solero guideline. It’s an absolute condition for us to set ourselves apart from others in our industry. We’re a thought leader on the subjects of sustainability and social responsibility, elements that form a part of everything we do. We turn this thought into practice with the materials we use, reinforcing our products against corrosion and making sure our cloth is fade resistant. Another important aspect is the ease with which our parasols can be handled – something that’s getting more and more attention from our clients. No matter how great a parasol looks or how big it is, if it can’t be handled easily, one should reconsider ordering it.

Our values

Your perspective
Parasols are our daily business (probably not yours!) We therefore value the perception and needs of our clients as if they were our own and always pay attention to the details. We act as we promise, and strive to overachieve. In recognition of our solid financial management, Graydon – a leading Dutch financial network – awarded us with the Certificate of Financial health. Our advice might have to last a long time for your terrace, ship or balcony, and this means we’re completely honest. Some things can’t be done. If this is the case, we’d rather tell you than make a sale. Our showroom is a great place to get inspired by the large number of types and versions of parasols we offer.

Ahead of the curve
One thing’s for sure, we’ve got busy jobs! Especially in spring time and the early summer, days can be long. Still, we don’t complain – it’s a great job, and the enthusiastic feedback of both new and existing clients keeps us motivated. Although we’ve never had company growth as a singled out goal and the economy has seen better times, we’ve managed to keep growing over the last few years, both in revenue as in products sold. We truly thank our clients for allowing us to stay ahead of the curve, for their trust, their enthusiasm and the pictures they have send us.