Who we are

Pioneer in adjustable pedestals since 1978

SOLIDOR produces a solid and aesthetic (outdoor) solution for the installation of terraces on any surface. Our modular terrace pedestals have a high quality finish and are made entirely of durable, low maintenance and environmentally responsible materials.

Thanks to the modular design of the various pieces, the system offers a wide range of possibilities, and it can be used in the most complex situations and environments.

Our values


Our terrace pedestals are made of recycled plastics for minimal environmental impact. There is no waste during the production process, and used terrace pedestals can be reused or recycled in in-house production, for a completely circular life cycle.


SOLIDOR offers a wide range of possibilities with a high standard of finish for the most complex situations and environments. Because the pedestals are infinitely adjustable in height with extreme precision, any terrace can be laid completely level, regardless of the slope or the type of substrate. The system is easy to install without any construction or demolition work, and it also offers the possibility of connecting the patio seamlessly to the building.


Our adjustable terrace pedestals are a proven system that has been used since 1978 in various outdoor applications. Our systems are continually tested and are stable, wind-resistant and water-permeable. We manufacture them entirely in-house
and test them under the most extreme weather conditions. By using plastic, the adjustable terrace pedestals offer good sound insulation and in addition, they are also available in fire-retardant versions.