Sovet Italia

Who we are

Sovet blends the tradition of Italian glass art and the inspirations of contemporary design, to create pieces of furniture that speak an original, elegant and versatile language. A story that communicates emotions and welfare, through the quality of the materials and the manufacture, the versatility of the project, the sustainability of the production process. Continuing in time, characterizing the most different spaces, creating unexpected contrasts and reassuring harmonies in everyday life.

Our values


The value of a product can also be measured by the care it takes to make it. The creative use of industrial processes, the highest quality raw materials and the meticulous works performed by local workers allow Sovet to get collections of high quality and 100% Made in Italy.


Sovet combines experience, technology and strict selection of the materials in its production processes, characterized by the highest quality levels. Its production ranges from the use of glass, proposed only in its purest extralight version, to the use of steel, aluminium, ceramic and wood. Entirely made in Italy, Sovet products are exported to over 70 countries worldwide.


Formal research and project quality: these are the basic elements of the whole Sovet collection. A proposal that offers a variety of choices among many furnishing possibilities, sizes, colours, with a timeless essentiality. A rational and versatile contribution to create an ideal habitat.