Who we are

Sprech is a leading company in the production and distribution, in Italy and worldwide, of modular roofing and tensile structures in high-strength polyester fibre fabric and load-bearing structures made from steel, aluminium and wood, designed for outdoor spaces.


Its solid technological know-how acquired and continuously perfected over its thirty plus years of experiences, supported by a highly qualified technical and professional team, enables the company to offer timely solutions for all market needs. Research, design and production play a key role for the company and result in a continuous and constant dialogue between various professionals from all over the world: designers, architects, engineers and highly qualified workers.


Flexibility in the production of the various components enables the piece to be adapted to the design. Tailor-made products, which are adapted to any architectural idea, offering extremely functional solutions that do not compromise on aesthetics.

The entire production cycles is distributed within the company itself: inspections in the area of intervention, the project design, the rendering phase, the construction of prototypes and, finally, the production and oversight of on-site assembly


The highest quality raw materials, state-of-the-art technologies and latest-generation machinery lie at the base of certified products, with a high quality standard. Products are guaranteed by the main process certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (DNV CERT-05085-99-AQ-BRI-SINCERT), SOA certification (Cat. OS33 class. II)


All Sprech products are designed to improve quality of life and to establish a proper relationship with the environment. Every solution can be adapted to any landscape context and to any need, be it public or private.

Functionality, aesthetic refinement and environmental sustainability are the principles that inspire Sprech projects, concepts that have always been challenges to design.


Technique and new ergonomics, a combination capable of expressing each of our lifestyles. From the collaborative meeting between professionals, craftspeople and customers springs the constant search for beauty that meets the needs of daily life. The design enables us to regain possession of squares, parks, beaches and terraces, transforming a space into a comfortable environment.

Our values


We base our work on passion and innovation, on strength and development of our skills.

Our operations include conceiving, designing, planning and industrialising outdoor solutions. We create modular coverings, pergolas, gazebos, dehors and tensile structures for commercial or residential use.

We deal with a highly competitive market on a daily basis that is full of challenges and can only be tackled with creativity and the skills of: planners, engineers, architects and designers. Bringing different professional skills together has strategic value because it is the constant comparing of notes that leads to innovation.

Just as constant dialogue with the customers is strategic, useful for best interpreting their needs and meeting an increasingly more frequent demand with technical and construction solutions: improving life and increasing the wellness of those who choose our products, adapting them to their spaces.

This is a promise that we entrust to a network of resellers, one of our reference targets, a distribution system capable of following the customer in choosing the product, during the sale phase and in the post sales stage.

Our strategic partners also include planners, architects, designers and engineers to whom we dedicate constant support in terms of technical and product consulting, application of the safety standards, structural calculations, certifications and EC marking.

The goal, whether for a direct sale or through intermediation, is to make the end customers’ dreams come true, offering, at their specific request, a ‘Made in Italy’ architectural solution that is reliable and long lasting.

The commitment we undertake is to give greater visibility to the brand and the excellence of Puglia, Italy and Europe. Those who choose Sprech can identify with: quality of the products, safety, reliability, responsible industrial processes and environmental eco-sustainability.

We will also continue to expand our team because we believe in the value of people and the contribution that their diversity offers the company in terms of skills, culture, geographic origins. Giving new talent and energy space is the best guarantee for constant growth, both social and productive.


We imagine a world where beauty and ergonomics are the answer to the needs of mankind to dwell in the space that surrounds us.

We think of outdoor solutions as means of urban regeneration and, at the same time, as a comfortable location from which to admire the landscape or enjoy the benefits of outdoor living, in full respect of nature.

This is a vision that we convey to our distribution network and promote in the national and international markets where we operate.

To be faithful to our vision, we continue building strategic partnerships and new business relationships. We study the new trends and lifestyles, staying up to date with our ever-changing modern times.

In the coming years, we will be building a multi-channel sales network, offering the end customer maximum customisation of the purchasing experience. At the same time, we will be aiming at expanding the integrated design of outdoor solutions dedicated to the international contract sector, thanks to the flexibility that distinguishes our industrial process.

A solid family governance, supported by the experience and skills of managers, engineers, designers and highly skilled labourers allows us to work alongside architects and designers and make any design idea feasible. An architectural concept, pencil sketches and the draft of a design take shape thanks to the application of the highest skills in the structural engineering field. Skills that combine with historic craftsmanship and which represent the ability to find solutions for any project needs.

In addition to in-house professionals, Sprech also collaborates with third-party professionals.