Who we are

Streetlife is a design driven company with a passion for creating innovative design elements for the public space. We create products that have a natural style using the landscape as a starting point for our design. Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our progress. Our Collection consists of a wide range of Street Furniture, Tree Products & Green Solutions, Shades & Shelters and Pedestrian Bridges.

Our offices in Leiden (HQ), Malmö and Philadelphia are led by teams of highly trained consultants, architects and designers. They can quickly translate your concerns and ideas into a design that will create the right atmosphere and physical space for your needs. Our products give you the inspiration and with the advice of our dedicated experts we can achieve beautiful projects together.

Our organization is not only compact and efficient, but also supremely skilled in its sector, while devoting great attention to the wishes of the customer. Particularly nowadays, success depends on knowledge and quality. Streetlife is a partner for products that one can rely on. We can communicate in English, but also in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. Our products are made on demand at our production site in the Netherlands for projects in Europe and at our site in the United States for projects in North America.

Our values

At a time when we need to drastically reform our impact on the environment, sustainability must be a guiding and integral part of the creation process. Streetlife’s company-wide FSC certification and the emphasis placed on local production are two examples of how we reduce our impact on the environment.

Innovations in the field of sustainable materials, including biobased substances and composites made from residual waste, provide a wealth of opportunities to make the Streetlife Collection more sustainable. After many years of research and development, we have introduced our TWIN Concept in 2020, a series of materials that form a fully-fledged alternative to FSC hardwood.

Through TWIN, we aim to provide a sustainable alternative for all FSC (hard)wood options in the Streetlife Collection. Our complete Collection consists of products with FSC (hard)wood seats or beams. We have added four alternative materials to our range, so it is now possible to choose between FSC (hard)wood or a biobased or recycled ‘twin material’ for each beam size in the Collection. Although the technical properties of these materials are equivalent to those of FSC (hard)wood, their colours, textures and histories are completely different. While TWIN offers landscape architects more freedom of choice, choosing a TWIN material also contributes to the reduction of waste flows. It also means that our products can have a longer lifespan.

As designers, we are in a position to create solutions that contribute to healthier and more sustainable green public spaces. Our approach, which includes the TWIN Concept, is aimed at combining aesthetics and sustainability in fair and future-proof products. At Streetlife, we take on the challenge of sustainability and circularity with gusto. We aim to be an inspiration for circular products in public spaces while preserving the distinctive design and functionality of our products.