Studio Italia Design

Who we are

1950. Italy. Venice. The town of Marcon and the island of Murano are just a few kilometres apart. Angelo Tosetto goes through those few kilometres almost every day from his workshop of artistic chandeliers to the shops of Murano glass masters to steal the secrets of their glass, hand blown in their furnaces.

It’s a journey of pure passion, artistic affinities, where light meets matter, glass joins metal – brass, aluminium, steel – and tradition welcomes the future. The beginning of a great story: Studio Italia Design’s story.

This is the main path of “made in Italy”, chosen and followed by three generations, experimenting each year with new processing techniques, technologies, designs, precious materials and a series of exclusive collaborations to create unique and ingenious luminaires: by form, content, aesthetics and functionality.

It’s the path of success, that from Venice leads Studio Italia Design to shift attention to foreign markets, more than 90 countries the world over: to become one of Italian lighting’s most internationally developed brands.

The path of innovation also leads to extreme customisation: an answer to the needs that come with new lifestyles thanks to inventive new products custom-made for a variety of different interiors and tailored solutions developed with the leaders in contemporary architecture.

Another new frontier travelled by Studio Italia Design on the path of experience: merging different materials, classicism and avant-garde, craftsmanship and technology. A look at the path where it all began and the excitement in the next step.

Our values

Every path has its limits and to overcome them you need eyes, sensibility, skills and diverse emotions to decipher an ever changing world. For this reason Studio Italia Design chooses to partner with famous designers, researchers and engineers from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds.

A selected group of creative people that together with the firm reinterprets the objects as true interior pieces where the light source plays freely with volumes, reflections, transparencies, lines and all the shades of the materials.

Infinite new collections joined together by a common thread of manufacturing excellence.