SUN WOOD by Stainer

Who we are

Innovative specialty products - this is a perfect description of Stainer products.
For over 40 years we have been recognized in the industry for our new and unusual solutions. The realization of creative and unique interior- and exterior design projects is both a challenge and motivation for our team of over 60 employees.

100% planted, grown and processed in Austria. The innovative, flexible Sun Wood technology is a surface treatment process which accentuates, refines and protects the wood surface. The first old wood models, known under the brand name „Sun Wood“, were created in 2010 and reproduced on 3-layer panels. A continuous process of development- and improvement over the years led to the expansion of the product line to over 20 different old wood decors and 50 precious woods.

The variety of models and products today reflects the passion of the founder for the raw material of wood and the preservation of rare- and endangered tree species. According to the motto "Sustainable Innovation", only locally harvested spruce wood with high sustainability standards is used in the manufacturing process. The Sun Wood decors can be applied to diverse support materials. One-of-a-kind surfaces with chipped or brushed texture, from spruce 3-layer panels, are thus transformed into the optimal material for the realization of interior projects, and for private clients as well.

The Sun Wood 3-Layer Panels with chipped and brushed surfaces are also available with fire protection. The panels, constructed of spruce wood, are tested according to DIN EN 13 501-1 standards for reaction to fire. After successful verification of test results and multiple test procedures, Sun Wood by Stainer received the fire reaction classification: B-s2, d0.

Sun Wood Panels with fire protection have a universal range of use: in living-, sleeping- and dining rooms, for ceiling- and wall coverings, furniture building, doors and saunas, and naturally, anywhere where structural fire protection is required.  The fulfillment of the VOC ordinance for interior use (according to EU definition without organic solvents) and the patented manufacturing process guarantee the high quality of this innovative wood product.

Our values

SUN WOOD – planted, grown and processed in Austria. Stainer uses only wood from local forest industry harvested according to strict sustainability standards. According to the motto "Sustainable Innovation", we reproduce old wood, rare- and tropical woods in order to protect the original wood species. We have made it our mission to manufacture all of our products in an environmentally responsible manner, sustainably and from 100 % locally grown wood. The secret lies in our special manufacturing method, enabling us to reproduce rare- and even protected wood species. This is our sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment and species. All of our printing colors are eco-friendly and water-based.