SUN WOOD by Stainer

Who we are


The most beautiful woods from all around the world. Made in Austria.

Historic wooden beams from the Alps, giant sequoias from the US or painted wooden boats from Asia: SUN WOOD's vision is to make unique woods from all around the world accessible for creative room solutions.

Hundreds of reclaimed and precious woods found their way to the SUN WOOD factory where they're reproduced on local wood in a resource-conscious and authentic way thanks to an innovative printing and surface technology. The 3D large format scanner digitizes original woods and then refines a variety of different substrates to emulate their look and feel. All SUN WOOD products are made of a PEFC certified wood base from local forestry whose surface is chopped and brushed by hand. The desired decor is then applied sustainably and directly to the wood using innovative printing technology.

A distinct advantage over reclaimed or precious wood

Cut down the rainforest in exchange for a precious wood table? What about chemical processing of reclaimed wood to ward off pests and make it last longer? At SUN WOOD, you don't have to choose! All products have wood bases made of new, local & sustainable forestry that are authentically modeled after real reclaimed or precious wood. When it comes to look and feel, SUN WOOD products are practically identical to their originals.

Over 100 decors on a variety of supporting materials

Using innovative printing and surface technology, SUN WOOD refines a great variety of supporting materials and formats with over 100 different wood decors. This includes wood panels and tabletops plus a myriad of boards, veneers, beams or even doors. We can make wood beams up to 15 meters in length, 6 x 2 meter panels or individual special formats without breaking a sweat. The long-term availability of all products and decors is guaranteed.

Sun Wood Panels with fire protection have a universal range of use: in living-, sleeping- and dining rooms, for ceiling- and wall coverings, furniture building, doors and saunas, and naturally, anywhere where structural fire protection is required. The fulfillment of the VOC ordinance for interior use (according to EU definition without organic solvents) and the patented manufacturing process guarantee the high quality of this innovative wood product.

Our values

We design to sustain.

Conscious handling of wood as a resource is not only natural for us at SUN WOOD; it also drives our innovative spirit and is the motivation for our existence. After all, we don't want to do without exotic wood in the dining room but still want to protect the rain forest. We don't want to install unique reclaimed wood in our four walls unless we can be sure that it is free of pollutants, toxic varnishes, pests, and worms and that no historic barn has had to make room for it. We make all this possible with SUN WOOD products!

According to the motto "we design to sustain," we reproduce exotic and rare woods true to the original and in a sustainable manner on new, domestic wood. In doing so, we not only protect valuable originals but also score points with versatile advantages. Naturally, we count on valuable natural materials in the production of our products:

PEFC-certified wood from local forestry

The basis of SUN WOOD products is PEFC-certified wood that is obtained exclusively from sustainably managed forests in Central Europe. Sustainable management means not only that you don't have more wood harvested than re-growing but also that the forest remains a safe habitat for animals and plants. In addition, we can ensure short transport routes thanks to the immediate proximity to our wood suppliers. In doing so, we make our contribution to an ecologically sustainable future and demonstrably prove this with the PEFC seal of approval.

GREENGUARD Gold-certified surface paints:

Not only our carrier material meets the strictest environmental guidelines: Our SUN WOOD surfaces are certified as well! The printing ink by means of which we reproduce the look of original reclaimed and precious wood conforms to the GREENGUARD Gold certificate and thus meets strict requirements for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxicity. In addition, they are checked for various chemicals and thus can also be used in especially sensitive environments such as schools, kindergartens, or health facilities.

Made in Austria

As an Austrian family business, we are particularly proud that all SUN WOOD products are manufactured at our company location in the State of Salzburg. The loving craftsmanship of our employees is in every single product, so every panel, every board, or every table is unique. In the process, we place the highest priority on the satisfaction of our customers and subject all products to a detailed quality check prior to shipping.