Who we are

SVF is a leading French SME in the fire protection market. SVF develops, designs, certifies and manufactures its own fireproof glazed metal joinery :
- Fixed frame glazed walls
- Glass-to-glass walls
- Swing and sliding doors (single or double), all in aluminum and / or steel.
SVF also provides watertight doors and cofferdams.
Through its design technicians trained in BIM methods, SVF continuously develops and qualifies new solutions to meet the architectural and security demands of the prime contractors, general contractors and finishing sub-contractors.
SVF has a 800m2-workshop in Alsace, where all custom products are manufactured.

Our values

We rely on our mother-company's - Vigians - core values to to take us further :

Continuous improvement : Quality, Reliability, Efficiency, Process
Initiative : Entrepreneurship, Opportunity, Pragmatism, Proactiveness
Service Mindset : Attention, Responsiveness, Client Satisfaction, Excellence
Partnership : Loyalty, Trust, Respect, Responsability