Symo Parasols

Who we are

Imagine you are sitting on a cosy terrace where the wind is rising. People grip their hat and put their hands on the table to keep the table cloth in place. Chairs are shoving away. Nobody is looking up. The Symo Parasol stands tough.

Symo sunshades provide comfort. Anyone choosing for Symo does not question the quality of the product. The customer is only selecting the colour and accessories because he knows that the basic product stands firm.

The owner of a Symo parasol is proud to have a piece of art. It is the result of almost 85 years of experience, craftsmanship, the use of top quality materials and a product warranty. If someone mentions Symo, you’d rather ask him ‘what Symo do you have?’ instead of ‘why Symo’?

Our values

Symo Parasols intends to protect people effectively from the elements so that they can enjoy the outdoors in a carefree and comfortable manner.

Our company strives to be the best in:

strong parasols with a reliable service for professional catering establishments

surprising, unique design parasols for the hospitality market worldwide

sourcing own parasols for advertising purposes

In doing so, we aim to achieve high satisfaction levels among our customer and staff alike.

Our team takes every decision based on three CORE values, which happen to be captured in the acronym CORE. It stands for:




Our presence around the world