Tacer Ltd.

Who we are

We, TACER, has continuously followed developments in technology and updated our knowledge and instruments in parallel with these developments. We have any and all technology which production process will require to materialize imagination into reality. We serve the sector with our technology, high brand quality and dynamic human resources of over 100 people. We provide for our employees any and all training in order to keep them aligned with technological developments.

In parallel with developing technology, we push the limits of design in order to meet requirements of construction sector, and add value to modern buildings, which play a key role in creation of the future. We work to contribute to general performance of structures and provide practical and aesthetic solutions with all systems which we design.

We manufacture our systems in our modern facilities located in 3 different plants in Ankara without neglecting our considerations regarding the environment and a livable future. We aim at designing and manufacturing our systems so as to meet the highest performance expectations. In addition to fire resistance, seismic, acoustic, durability, and functional expectations the architectural and aesthetic expectations of customers are integral part of comfortable living areas.

Our values

Small changes make big differences in our life journeys, work lifes and in the world. Changes start with education, education fosters progress and grow with sharing. As Tacer Family, we decided to share more, starting from 2019.

Being the long standing Turkish Brand in the industry, we know that sharing our experiences, way of working and code of conduct not only within our country but with all the World; is part of our social responsibility.

While sharing our motto : ‘Be the change you want to see’ at first; we promise that we will be the change we want to see, we will work on our personal and vocational development more. We believe that this promise is the way to leave better than we were left with; to pay our debt to the World we live in and to next generations