Technistone a.s.

Who we are

Technistone is a successful internationally recognized engineered stone producer. Its leading position is based primarily on many years of experience within the industry and additionally thanks to a team of dedicated and competent professionals.

TechniStone® is based on 90% natural raw materials ranging from fine to coarse sands including fractionalised quartz and granite. New color ways invariably reflect contemporary design trends and customer feedback preferences from local markets. However our designers are endlessly inspired by nature. This beauty is captured in highly durable large format slabs which exude harmony and a feeling of luxury. There are four modern finishes to choose from - the most popular is the Polished finish, the timeless Matt finish, then there is the Rained finish with an almost plastic structure and last but not least the Terra surface with a 3D relief. Our aim is to create and offer a product that will beautify interiors and bring joy to everyday life.

TechniStone® is a man-made product created for people. It is highly sought after by professionals from all over the world for its superlative properties, and is widely used in private and commercial projects. TechniStone® hardened stone is most often used in making kitchen worktops, vanity units and wall cladding. This engineered product is also an excellent material for tiling, staircases, tables, bars, reception areas and decorative interior elements.

The Lusail Iconic Stadium in Qatar, JF Kennedy International Airport in the US, Porsche Design Studio in Germany, Terminal 5 at the Heathrow Airport in the UK, Hilton Hotel in Poland, Millennium Shopping Mall in China are just a few of the internationally recognized projects where TechniStone® proudly presents itself.

Our values