Tekno Point Italia s.r.l.

Who we are

Tekno Point has been on the market for 26 years. It is a succesful company in Italy and abroad, infact it’s known as the specialist in invisible climate systems. Tekno Point produces and distributes air conditioners, heat pumps, VMC and VRF.

The wide range of solutions, product quality and the advantages offered by Tekno Point air conditioners fully meet the need of designers, architects and costruction companies.

The Venetian company can be proud to be the first one in Europe to produce and propose a complete line of “invisible” air conditioning. This innovative range gaurantees high climatic comfort and energy saving in the highest respect of architectural decoration.

Our values

Tekno Point pursues a sustainable growth by a professional team stronghly oriented to the development of new products always respecting the energetic efficiency and the architectural decorum.

The concept is simple, but it the espression of a deep convinction based on the respect for the individuals in business relationship, work ethics, and the fidelity of the commitments undertaken in their territory.

Tekno Point develops forefront technologies, and its air conditioners can guarantee high efficiency, low consumptions and the totally respect of the environmental laws.