Telecom Behnke GmbH

Who we are

Telecom Behnke GmbH is a Kirkel-based German family business with the experience of more than 35 years that specialises in telecommunications solutions for door intercoms, industrial applications, emergency and lift emergency calls.

Within the company covers the development, production and distribution of intercom solutions for private doors, industrial applications and emergency situations, e.g. lift emergency phones, under one roof.

Thanks to our large network of distribution partners, Behnke intercom solutions can be found all over Europe.

Our values

In developing and manufacturing our products, we attach great importance to sustainability and longevity. We are engaged for a respectful and sustainable management of the environment. This way of thinking and acting, not only in the production, but also in other areas is rewarded, for example, by the awarding of the "Green House Number" by the Saarland state government for the environmentally friendly construction of the company building. The regional relationship and thus the strengthening of the regional economy are also very important to us. We therefore prefer to work with companies from the region. In the selection of suppliers, we place importance to high safety standards and fair working conditions.