Who we are

Our story began when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to cushion and support astronauts during the strain of lift-off. They needed an exceptional way of evenly distributing weight and pressure.

This unique material later became TEMPUR: the only mattress and pillow recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

Because of their unique performance, TEMPUR mattresses and pillows differ from all others – and provide the best night’s sleep. This performance derives from the open cell structure of TEMPUR material, resulting in billions of supporting points that reduce pressure on your sleeping body.

At TEMPUR, we research, develop, engineer, manufacture and distribute mattresses, pillows and other sleep and relaxation products, most of which are made from a formulation of our proprietary TEMPUR material.

We currently sell our products in more than 80 countries under the TEMPUR brand name.

Our values

TEMPUR owners love their beds more

In a recent survey of 13 European countries, TEMPUR earned a number one ranking for overall customer satisfaction and overall quality of sleep.* This makes TEMPUR owners the most satisfied bed owners. Find out what real TEMPUR owners had to say in the video below:

*The findings are based on interviews with over 1300 TEMPUR Mattress owners in 13 European countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK) and the percentages and average number of recommendations recorded are high in each country but not identical.