Terapia Urbana

Who we are

In Terapia Urbana we are experts in the development, design and commercialization of vertical gardens and urban greening systems.

We carry out our own projects and we help other professionals and designers to ensure the success of their designs and greening projects.

We exclusively produce the Fytotextile ® system for the development of sustainable living wall and market it internationally, together with a complete portfolio of our own innovative and guaranteed products, aimed at gardening and urban landscaping professionals and companies.

We have a wide network of trusted partners who install and maintain our vertical gardens and green roofs all over the world.

Our values


We are a team highly committed to improving the quality of life in cities. We believe in the importance of connecting with nature and we are sure of the important benefits that urban nature entails. We consider our project a necessary asset for the transmission of values ​​and knowledge. Likewise, we maintain a commitment to local socio-economic development and our closest business environment.


We continually look for new ways to improve what we do. We anticipate the needs of the market by offering technological improvements that enable prosperity in the sector and generation of wealth.


We are a multidisciplinary team that allows us to complement each other perfectly and work as a whole, in a unified way. We constantly seek to improve ourselves and our service, cultivating our knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve excellence.

Our knowledge is generated in the university academic environment, validated through scientific papers, as well as by tests of accredited entities.


We contribute to improving the environment, energy efficiency and the fight against climate change. We generate value and give importance to the presence of vegetation in the urban environment, raising awareness of its enormous benefits and bringing nature closer to cities.