Who we are

From a plastics processing company, we have become a designer of outdoor and roof terrace solutions. Our design office is committed to developing easy-to-use products that are adapted to professional use, in line with the changing expectations of our customers. We manufacture and market our products under two brands:

- OCAPE: Flat roof fitting products

- JOUPLAST : Outdoor products

Our values

TMP CONVERT, 100% French products.
Established since 1957 in the department of Ain, TMP CONVERT is committed to maintaining and promoting French know-how. To achieve this, the company is committed to ensuring that its production is carried out in France only. TMP CONVERT has held the "Origin'Ain" label since 2020.

TMP CONVERT, products made from 100% recycled material.
TMP CONVERT is committed to reducing its environmental footprint in the manufacture of its products by ensuring that all the material used for JOUPLAST® products comes from a 100% recycled channel. The company has been awarded the MORE label since 2020.

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