Who we are

PLAN THE PRESENT could be the leitmotiv of TRE-P&TRE-Più company, which has been leader in the production of interior doors for a long time. In fact its history has been written by prestigious national and international designers. Each one of them has left a significant mark in innovation, beauty, technology, interpretation of topical interests and obstinate research of the latest functional, aesthetic and technologic solution.

Design and tradition, innovation and quality, technology and passion: the identity of the brand is defined by series of synergies, the mastery and know-how as well as a the constant research.

Our values


TRE-P&TRE-Più Research Centre is a design lab focused on supporting the company in its important and complex activity of creation and development of products. The Research Centre is organized through the synergy of a multi-disciplinary design team, who adopt fast and direct decision-making systems, in order to reduce the ‘time to market’ for the development and production costs. Specific competences are enhanced and integrated with the project evolution, being aware that when life style and standards change, the product and production logics must be updated.


TRE-P&TRE-Più has always worked with the most important international designers, moreover the union of high technology and research of new materials contributes to the production of doors with unique and innovative style.

Several door models boast many prestigious awards officially recognized for furniture.
The most important and famous models are:
Rever design Cini Boeri;
Convex design F.A. Porsche;
Pavilion, Planus and Continuum, design Antonio Citterio;
Idea design Daniel Libeskind.

Our presence around the world