Who we are

ZZ Concept company was founded on the basis of long-standing business. Since 1996. we represent some of the most important and world-renowned manufacturers of urban furniture, whereas in 2000. we started our own production. Owing to valuable experience, as well as to representation and sales of top products, we have gained very broad knowledge. At the same time we managed to recognize complex customer needs, how they ponder and what they look for, as well as which are the most important elements while choosing the product. All this we utilized to undertake a new step and signi cant improvement of our business.

Our values

Tubo product line

In 2013. truly unique product was created, line of litter bins named Tubo. This project represents the greatest success of our business as well as summary of our philosophy and knowledge acquired. Tubo product line design is notably distinct and extremely functional, and with more than 50 model variants it is very likely representing the most complete assortment of litter bins on the market that can meet the needs of all user pro les. Simple and re ned design concept makes the entire product line recognizable. Final appearance of single bin depends on the intended use and chosen size, while different concepts of use and discharge are in service of each user’s needs. Modern litter bin design is utterly neutral and will therefore t well with the majority of possibly existing urban furniture such as benches, planters or lighting elements in a certain area. Unaccented forms and very careful nishing make Tubo litter bins adapt perfectly to completely different environments, and even in the interiors. Particular feature of each Tubo product is the possibility to change its visual experience by colour and material modi cation, thus adapting it easily to the speci c environment. For example, very special Cor-Ten steel appearance corresponds beautifully with natural ambience of park or surrounding of historical buildings, while modern sense of coloured or stainless steel make it t perfectly into contemporary urban spaces. Also important is the fact that particular Tubo models have actually a very favourable cost and are hence intended for equipping public urban areas in larger quantities. This is not a common practice for such products of superior quality, which are as a rule installed only in the individual, representative locations.

Construction and technology

We believe Tubo product line has achieved optimal balance between design and functionality, as well as between build quality and cost. During development process much attention was given to the construction and excellent nishing of the entire product, so not a single detail is left to chance, but each one is carefully thought-out. Characteristics such as uncompromising quality and resistance to weathering and vandalism are achieved by superb production technology. Advanced technology also allowed for very competitive cost without any saving on materials. Therefore, one of the main features of the Tubo line is use of sturdy materials that emphasize hardiness and durability of products, such as steel plates of thickness up to 5 mm. Additionally, particularly prominent is the ecological characteristic of the Tubo project due to highly energy-ef cient production process which causes the minimum amount of waste material, but also because of a simple product composition that allows easy recycling of each litter bin after its long lifespan.