Who we are

Twentinox has been manufacturing flexible metal fabrics for architecture, interior design and artistic purposes for more than 10 years. Our fabrics can be applied to metal curtains, partitions, (LED) facades, sunscreens and ceilings, amongst others.

As our customer you are in direct contact with the manufacturer. In addition to our standard products we are able to integrate precisely customised variations in thread thickness and opening with an advanced production technique, for standard prices. All materials are available in stainless steel and untreated steel, some types in bronze and copper alloys.

From the Netherlands we supply our clients worldwide. If desired we can assist and advise with the more complex projects. We are the partner you are looking for in your search for superior quality metal fabrics at competitive prices.

Twentinox products are made from high quality stainless steel from European suppliers and are generally made from raw recycled materials. These metals are incredibly durable, hygienic, fire resistant and easy to maintain.

Our values

Twentinox metal woven fabrics: functional design material

Twentinox manufactures a broad range of flexible metal fabrics for architecture, interior design, and artistic applications.

Stainless steel has gained an important role in nowadays architecture and design. It incorporates all features for future construction demands : it looks nice over the years, is strong and long lasting.

Besides stainless steel, Twentinox offers several mesh products in iron and non-iron types, mainly for indoor use, such as copper-alloys, carbon steel and corroded steel, giving a colourful touch to your design.

Numerous solutions are imaginable with metal fabrics of Twentinox. Take for instance our metal curtains and panel range . Used as room divider or simply as interior decoration, this product range is available from standard product lines. Great looks, quick delivery and easy to fix at affordable prices. What to think of a translucent metal façade, serving as a sunscreen and is isolating at the same time? Or roller shutters.

Twentinox products are manufactured from recycled materials, are extremely durable, hygienic, fire resistant and easy to maintain.

The engineers and the experienced staff of Twentinox will help you with your design to obtain maximal results.

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