Unknown Nordic

Who we are

We welcome you to the world of Unknown Nordic – a world filled with exiting and innovative luxury design furniture.

At Unknown Nordic we strive to present spectacular Nordic contemporary design.

We are passionate about how to combine aesthetics and functionality to create beautiful and unique pieces of design.

Unknown Nordic use the new material basalt fibers extracted from volcanic stones. This we combine with bio-resin and Bullet Liner coating to achieve a light weight, durable and extremely strong maintenance free material.

We take untamed nature and shape it into aesthetic and functional pieces of furniture and accessories. And wevery piece of furniture is made by hand thereby creating a unique pattern on every piece of product

The Latvian born award winning designer Raimonds Cirulis is the inventor of the of this technology and also the designer of some of the products manufactured by Unknown Nordic. He was the first in the world to create furniture using volcanic basalt fibers extracted from lava.

Unknown Nordic is "NATURE SHAPED BY HAND".

Our values

We strive to make aesthetic and functional design soltuions in the most sustainable materials.


From untamed nature into aesthetic and functional pieces of design