Who we are

Urbanscape® – striving for a better, greener and healthier environment

Urbanscape® is a cover name for a range of new innovative products, concepts and systems which can be used in numerous applications. They all combine two key aspects – being primarily for Urban environment and at the same time taking care of Landscapes around you.

We have been part of green roof and landscaping industry for years, delivering high quality Rock Mineral Wool growing medium to installers, investors and growers around the globe.

Have in depth look into our Green Roof, Green Wall, Landscaping or Green Designs on the move™ Systems to find out more.


Our values

Knauf Insulation – challenge. create. care.
Our mission is to challenge conventional thinking and create innovative insulation solutions that shape the way we live and build in the future, with care for the people who make them, the people who use them and the world we all depend on. We are committed to providing building materials that deliver real performance to improve sustainable construction; with the introduction of our new Urbanscape® Green Roof, Green Wall and Landscaping System solutions we are delivering on this commitment.

We lead the change in advanced insulation solutions for a better world. Our aspiration is to be the world’s most trusted insulation partner providing high performing and smart insulation solutions and services for a better world.