Who we are

URBATEK is one of the outcomes of the group’s constant efforts in the field of specialist product development. This range of through-body porcelain tiles was developed to meet the most exacting technical standards in architecture and design projects. A high-performance range in a multitude of formats and finishes, it is suitable for use both indoors and out.

URBATEK tiles are conceived to meet the needs of professionals from the worlds of architecture and design. They are particularly well regarded for the following reasons:

- A through-body porcelain tile range, with no surface glazes and no double loaded tiles.
- A low water absorption rate (well below the current legal threshold) and high mechanical performance.
- Unrepeatable patterns, since no screen-printing is involved in the production process.
- Numerous surface finishes. Top-quality polished finishes with a high reflective capacity, semi-polished ones, and relief textures.
- Large format tiles in a multiplicity of formats that can be mixed and matched.

As a result, URBATEK porcelain tiles combine the very best of through-body porcelain tile technology with all the elegance, varying finishes and patterns found on natural stone. URBATEK tiles bring contemporary design to architecture in a manner second to none.

Our values

PORCELANOSA Grupo offers the best possible service to complete your projects quickly and easily. With the aim of satisfying all of your construction needs with the maximum quality and design, PORCELANOSA Grupo offers an entire range of products for projects ranging from single-family homes to franchises and public spaces. Today, PORCELANOSA Grupo has 410 showrooms in 72 countries, employs 5,000 people in more than 900,000 square metres of facilities, and has a yearly turnover of more than 1.15 billion euros. The company is firmly committed to sustainable development, focusing on constant international expansion and guaranteeing the satisfaction of each and every one of its customers. For this reason, PORCELANOSA Grupo is much more than just a trademark. URBATEK now joins the world’s most important ceramic tile company as another watchword for quality. High quality ceramic tiles, with a magnificent service.

URBATEK CERAMICS S.A. has adopted the global commitment to maintain an energy policy that is solid and respectful towards the environment. The ECOTECH initiative supported by PORCELANOSA Grupo, and the implantation of the Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard is proof of the company’s commitment towards achieving operating processes that are clean and respectful towards the planet. In order to prevent and reduce environmental impacts and correctly manage all of the waste products that are generated, the company has a large quality and environment department whose experts regularly evaluate the environmental impact of our activity. We also undergo external audits at least once a year to evaluate our procedures and underwrite our commitment to sustainable development.

Our presence around the world