Vauni AB

Who we are


600.000 years ago…

Since the dawn of man, our pre-historic ancestors have been using fire to keep warm, cook and tell stories around the campfire. The ability to control fire has been key in the evolution and shaping of human civilization. A fire instills in us an inner calm but up to now it has not been accessible to everyone to experience this feeling in their home.

Our values

Today you can enjoy a beautiful fireplace that spreads nice indoor heat and the best is that it does not require a chimney and is combusted with environmentally friendly fuel, which eliminates smoke, soot and ashes. Be inspired by our wall mounted fireplaces that hang as live art on your wall. Enjoy the intimacy of a mobile fireplace with our freestanding models, or use our unique burners in your own custom-built fireplace installation.

And by the way, it’s all Made in Sweden.