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Who we are


Specialists in interior decoration in stabilized plants.

The dynamism of the business operates naturally with a diverse clientele: shopping malls, office spaces, designers, decorators, interior designers, hotels, restaurants, etc.

A dynamic and innovative company, Vegetal Indoor is always on the lookout for the latest trends in terms of interior decoration and design objects.

Vegetal Indoor offers you to create an inimitable plant identity.

Our values

Become a decoration tool par excellence, stabilized plants are used by many architects and designers. With many assets, they have become a staple of today's interior design.

Convinced that the 250,000 listed plants and those still to be discovered contain treasures for interior decoration, Vegetal Indoor daily to find you the rare pearl in terms of beauty and quality.

The team of Vegetal Indoor offers you to realize your interior decoration personalized to your tastes and your furniture.

From the choice of materials, plants, textures, Vegan Indoor accompanies you to advise you and create a space that suits you.